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Case Studies
Server Software Company Achieves $300M+ in Sales Pipeline with IRG
IRG helped a server software company build and deliver a prospect database of prioritized global prospects. Using machine learning and propensity modeling, We prioritized top prospects by conversion likelihood and potential value. The resulting segmentation allowed for industry targeting and messaging. The account level insight drove targeted demand generation, sales territory definition, sales targets and the overall outbound strategy for sales & marketing.
Automotive Maintenance Company Secures $200M+ Deal with Azurite Data
IRG enabled an automotive maintenance company secure a $200M+ deal by designing and deploying a business survey focused on growth, brand equity, and purchase decision making. IRG identified and recruited more than 175 dent repair technicians using their proprietary methodology, and delivered data in less than 2 weeks. Additionally, we conducted 20 1-hour follow-up interviews to deep dive on qualitative industry dynamics.
Online Education Software Company Secures $500M+ Deal
IRG helped an online education software company secure a $500M+ deal by building and delivering a database and segmentation of student counts and associated school finances for all U.S. charter and public schools. The dataset didn’t exist anywhere else and allowed the client to quantify the deal target’s exact market share, penetration, and total addressable market size. The bottom-up dataset exposed a major gap in the market, which allowed the client to underwrite the growth opportunity with significant upside potential.
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